Ever had the dilemma of trying to figure out what is the best machine to ever get started with a hobby that might turn into a potential thriving business in the future? Perhaps it is time to think about the possibilities already especially when you are considering getting into the embroidery design business.

There are so many shops out that there that sell the kind of machine you might need to begin your journey. Businesses that operate with a head down mentality (running embroidery machines) have already used certain types of machines that cater to their kind of volume. For example if you require only 2-10 kinds of production, then you wouldn’t be needing the big guns.

If – and if you have progressed already to an industrial state of mind, then this is entirely a different thing. You can use a commercial computerized embroidery machine that is larger and faster. 

 Check these machines out. While others are for mass produced items, there is always an embroidery machine out there that you can use at home.Guess which is from big major machine players like Coldesi or Brother?

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Formats Used For Embroidery Services

I have read an article lately on companies who offer embroidery services and a lot of them all have the same things in common: quality of materials, excellent service and fast turnaround. The question here is, if a company is good is supplying the best embroidery service, what is the most important qualification these companies should have?

A priority would be the kind of format they use to produce them. If you are unsure of what to check, the following formats should be used for embroidery services:


    All versions up to X4 supported
    File Formats .cdr
    All fonts should be converted to curves

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