This search has brought me so near yet so far. Everything looks gorgeous on fabric yet not everyone knows anything about its process and how much effort it took to actually produce such customized clothing.

So what are the kinds of printing techniques? Do customised clothing need be complicated, or as colorful or as chemically-involved as the over. So far, here are the printing techniques that we are going to be studying as this blog progresses.

1.    Screen Printing
2.    Digital Printing
3.    Hand printing
4.    Fabric Screen Printing
5.    Textile Printing
6.    Inkjet Printing on Fabric - Forget about printing on some transfer paper and then ironing it onto some fabric. With some freezer paper you can print right on the fabric itself .
7.    Flock Printed Silk Fabric
8.    Hand block printing
9.    Perrotine printing
10.    Engraved copperplate printing
11.    Roller printing, cylinder printing, or machine printing
12.    Stencil printing
13.    Digital textile printing

If you happen to have more to add, please do not hesitate. I would welcome feedback and comments. Email me directly, too, at Till next! Can’t wait what we can come up with.

This is going to be a first of the many ventures of a retail fixation that I have with fabrics, textiles and all kinds of methods to manufacture customized fabric.

I know it is going to be verrry extensive especially when I want to check out the market and industry in New Zealand but I am definitely in this for the long haul. I cannot wait to try and test what is out there. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts of the subject matter that I will be discussing and studying as this blog progresses – please, your input and feedback is HIGHLY appreciated.

In the next surge of topics that will populate this page, the topics that I would like to be more of an expert on will be fabric printing, screen printing, embroidery designs and custom clothing. I am definitely not an expert which is why I really value all the input anyone could ever give to this site.

Let’s talk soon!